Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Zune Zone

Microsoft’s Zune media player is without question one of the most anticipated gadgets of this year. After many months of speculation, Microsoft finally released details about the Zune on September 15. For the most part, the features were predictable: a 30 GB hard-drive based player with a 3 inch screen, an FM tuner and video-playback capabilities. The Zune comes in three colours: white, black and brown.

However there were a couple of neat touches. The Zune will have wireless sharing features where you can wirelessly transfer songs from one Zune to another though the recipient has only three days to try out the song. You can customize the screen by using your personal photos as background like on your PC.

In addition to the player, Microsoft announced plans for its own online music store called Zune Marketplace. There will also be three accessory packs: the Car Pack, the Home A/V pack and the Travel pack. The Zune has its work cut out, in its battle against the iPod; Apple dropped prices and improved features just days before the Zune announcement. However there is no question that when the corporate titans battle it out, it’s the consumer who will benefit the most.


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